Greetings from the Beach

I thought that I would post the letter that I sent to those who graciously supported us on our recent Kenya trip. Letter to Those of You who Prayed and Supported our Kenya Trip

We are finally back from Kenya, and what a time it was for Jeremy and me. The trip was very well organized by my friend and team leader Pastor Byron Wheaton, and everything went smoothly thanks to your prayers. Let me just relate to you the highlights of our trip.

Our first stay was at a little town called Kijabe nestled on a steep descent into the Rift Valley. Here there is a mission hospital where BethanyKids operates a children’s ward that draws children from all of Kenya and neighboring countries, both Christians and Muslims. There we were acclimated after jet lag and even managed a safari at the Nakuru Park which seemed to us so pristine, primal and primitive that it reminded us of Land before Time. We then went to a city just north of Nairobi called Thika where Joytown is located. Joytown is a compound that is a boarding school for children with a wide variety of disabilities. It is a collaborative work between the Salvation Army, which owns the property and buildings, the government that provides for the education, and BethanyKids that provides for the special needs of these children, such as physical therapy and prostheses, as well as spiritual needs. The BethanyKids staff is made up of highly skilled Kenyans that positively beam the love of Jesus to these kids. Our job was to expand a dorm by breaking down the walls of a bathroom, which turned out to be very heavy demolition work. We also renovated a playground area for the children. This playground happened to be in the middle of the compound, and so when school let out, all the kids congregated around us. There we moved in and around them giving them “high-fives” and enjoyed their incredible smiles. Joytown is well-named indeed, for there is more joy there than in many other places I have been. Jesus is there in a special way.

After a week we journeyed to a town southeast of Nairobi called Machakos where Scott Theological Seminary is situated. There our team painted walls in and around the kitchen area. A high mountain ridge passes right by the seminary, and at the instigation of Jeremy, a group of us took a hike almost to the top on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The steep ridge was fully inhabited by Kenyans who lived in little homes surrounded by a patchwork of corn fields, banana trees, and coffee plants. Scattered among the homes were little meeting-houses where we could hear the voices of Kenyans singing Gospel songs that filled the mountain side.

Thanks so much for supporting us both financially and by prayer. This trip was great for me to get out of my North American “bubble” and see how most people of the world live. It was life-changing for Jeremy, a life-long dream-come-true experience; he didn’t want to come home! If you are looking for a worthy cause to give to on a regular basis, you can be sure that BethanyKids is such a cause.

God bless you and thanks again!

John and Jeremy

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