Mount of Beatitudes: The Peacemakers

As I ponder the beatitudes, there seems to be a mountain-like structure to them. We begin with being poor in spirit at the base at one side, and we progress upward to mourning our sins and those of others, then we find that we can be meekened by God as we ascend yet further. Out of meekness comes deep spiritual hunger for righteousness, the next step up the mountain. At the top is mercy, the middle beatitude and therefore emphasized. Everything in the spiritual ascent turns on mercy! We need to embrace mercy ourselves so that we can be merciful to others. We then make our descent down the other side of Mount Beatitude a different person. I do not mean by “descent” something negative, but positive; we ascend up one side of the mountain to God, and descend down the other side empowered to make a difference in the world we live in. Seen this way, being pure in heart, the sixth beatitude which we discussed in the previous entry, corresponds to the forth beatitude of hungering and thirsting. In fact, becoming pure in hear is the direct result of spiritual hunger and thirsting.

Mount Beatitude

5. Mercy

4. Hunger 6. Pure in Heart

3. Meek 7. Peace Maker

2. Mourn 8. Persecuted

1. Poor in Spirit 9. Thought of as Evil

We find that our beatitude for today is “Blessed are the Peace Makers, for they shall be called the sons of God.” Meekness, beatitude #3 in the ascent, is directly linked to peacemaking, beatitude # 7 on the descent. One must be meek to bring peace in this world, but must first climb through hunger, pass over the peak of mercy, and attain a pure heart. We all want peace and perhaps we think of ourselves as peaceful people by nature, but in reality peace comes very hard. I find that most people, including myself, go about gravely unaware of the violence in our souls. To attain the title “sons of God” is grand indeed. To bring peace is most God-like, and brings a rare joy to the soul!

Any thoughts on this?

One Response to “Mount of Beatitudes: The Peacemakers”

  1. As you can see, the spacing in my chart did not transfer over very well. However, if you use your imagination, you can space the beatitudes out so as to make the mountain. 5 is the peak, and 1 and 9 spread apart on the bottom to make the base, and those in between gradually ascending to the peak.

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