Give us this day our daily bread

Being a “daily bread” sort of guy

I confess that I have had a rough time with this petition over the last few years, but have worked through it recently. You see, I was raised in a conservative home where conservation of resources, saving for the future, having steady employment, and possessing a financial cushion was fundamental to life. It is an unforgiving world out there; you have to protect yourself and be self sufficient.

The year 2009 when the LIJ community folded I found myself out of work at the worst possible moment in recent economic history. It has been a glorious time in that God has provided for me and my family in so many ways. It has also been humbling in that He provided in ways that went against my pride. For instance, we were on food stamps for a whole year. God provided Kathy with a job nearby with medical benefits at just the crucial moment. I continue teaching part time, and by God’s grace we just get by … daily. Over the last 3 years I have had to wrestle with God over daily bread. There is that pressure within me to get my “profession” back to full time status, start building things up to where I no longer have to wonder where the money will come in to pay the bills. Though God was graciously providing for me on His terms, I wanted to provide for myself on my terms. I sort of resented being a “daily bread” sort of guy.

Recently, I have come to embrace the fact that I am a “daily bread” sort of guy. We all know what is behind this. God wants his people to be daily bread sort of people because this is the life of faith. Hording manna for the future always rots! We so easily fall into the trap that if we can just get more, just get over “the hump,” that it will be enough, but it never is. Sure, there are those few among us that rich and never have to wonder how the next bills will be paid, but this comes with dangers and temptations of its own. I am convinced that God did not make me wealthy in a financial sort of way because He could not trust me with it; I would self destruct!

How rich indeed, however, are the “daily bread” sort of people! There is always enough! We draw from God’s inexhaustible resources, learn humility, trust in God, and see Him work miraculously on a daily basis! Life now becomes all about God rather than all about us and our wants. Let us not complain and murmur about what God provides for us. Let us hallow our Father’s name who daily loads us with such wonderful and undeserving benefits!

3 Responses to “Give us this day our daily bread”

  1. John,

    What a timely word for me. I want to say it was like a light bulb going on, but it is really more of a flare- illuminating the ground so that nothing can hide. I have seen God provide in amazing ways- at the right time- with exactly the same amount- and yet lately I have found myself thinking how nice it would be to have more money, to not have to depend on others as much or worry about how I’m going to pay for certain things. Money has a power that few people recognize- it can be used to make friends for the kingdom- or it can become an idol. I can’t get into the details here, but there are times I have been made to feel that there was something wrong with being, as you put it, a “daily bread” sort of person- and foolishly I allowed that lie in. That’s why it was like a flash bomb going off- light everywhere- truth- I can live in dependence on him; I can be free to trust in the riches of him who though rich for us became poor. Like Paul I want to learn to be content in plenty or in want.

  2. Praise God, Paul! Let’s rejoice together in being “daily breaders”!

  3. Michael Trollo Says:

    I too have been forced , through circumstances, to become a “daily bread” person. I too can testify as to God’s care of me through others! We are made partakers of His grace and mercy, and are witnesses of His miracles on a daily basis. The big issue for me is that even though I know this, and I promise I have never seen the Lord fail to take care of me, the stress I experience is sometimes too much! I seem so weak in my faith that I worry about provision. I know the Jehovah Jirah and He IS the God who provides!!! So Where the “rubber meets the road” for me is resting in Him. I once heard of a Bible translater who was not able to find an appropriate word in a tribal language for the word “rest”. The phrase that he substituted was ” I sit down in my heart”. This is what I need to be able to do so that I can receive properly and glorify Him!

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