Your Kingdom Come cont.

The first two entries on this phrase focuses on the very idea of Kingship and Kingdom, and how we need to reorient our western way of thinking and being through our prayer life so as to live in the reality of the Kingdom.

In thinking more about this petition, it seems to be the one phrase in the prayer that is most full of longing. In truth, when we experience the power of Christ in our lives on every level, we are experiencing the power of the Kingdom. But in some mysterious way, when we pray this phrase with longing, we are, in fact, living in the light of the Kingdom now. Here is a quote from St. Augustine when he realized on a profound level that he would never be the complete person in this life that he was striving to be:

“Let me leave them [i.e. those who strive for the classical ideal of Greek perfection] outside, breathing into the dust, and filling their eyes with earth, and let me enter into my chamber and sing my songs of love to Thee, groaning with inexpressible groaning in my distant wandering, and remembering Jerusalem with my heart stretching upwards in longing for it: Jerusalem my Fatherland, Jerusalem who is my mother…” Confessions XII, 23

Longing for the Kingdom is itself a sweet and powerful prayer. Longing purifies the soul, and as St. Augustine says elsewhere, “it is yearning that makes the heart deep” Tract. In John. 40.10. Read Peter Brown’s Biography on Augustine, chapter 15 for further reflection on this.

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