“Your Kingdom come,” continued.

I think that it is important for us, when praying for the coming of God’s Kingdom, to understand that we are at a disadvantage living in our culture as mentioned in the opening statement. It takes great mental and spiritual struggle, along with creative use of sanctified imagination, to see that the Kingdom has indeed broken into our world as Christ proclaimed it. In fact, that is what we are praying for when we ask for God’s kingdom to come, that God will reveal to us the reality of God’s kingdom now, and that we live more and more in this reality. To the degree that we are not cognizant of this truth is the degree that we are living in illusion, in the darkness of this world.

When we pray rightly, we are, in fact, before the King, and are experiencing the Kingdom. This connects us with the “… who is in Heaven” phrase at the onset of the prayer. God’s kingdom is where heaven and earth touch, and they touch in the church and in believers. God is not only our Father, but our King. We have to learn, as modern Westerners, how to live with a King. This is where spirit guided imagination is critical. We need to be able to see ourselves living not in a democracy, but see ourselves as divine subjects in an order that is absolutely at odds with the social order we live in, that what unifies us is not political ideals, but an absolute devotion to a King who has complete power over us, and a King we are ready to obey, live and die for at the slightest nudging of the Spirit in our hearts.

There is a phrase in the Anglican Breviary that goes: “To Thee, O Lord, all honor be, King of endless majesty.” I find this is a good place to park, on the knees, opening up the soul to the eternal light this phrase lets into the soul. I must confess, however, that I am a long way from living out this reality in the moment by moment, day by day. Lord Jesus, let the reality of your Kingdom transform us!

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