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Your Kingdom come

Posted in Uncategorized on December 8, 2011 by ancienthopes

How can we, in our day and age, connect intuitively with this petition and say it with understanding, not letting it tumble out of our mouths thoughtlessly? Kings and kingdoms no longer exist. We catch a slight glimpse of royalty in England through tabloids, or an occasional royal wedding or funeral, but it is not real. When Jesus first taught this prayer to his disciples, kings and kingdoms were very real, the very center of power, grandeur, and authority in the psyche of all humanity. The idea of kingship and kingdom was unquestionably accepted as a divine arrangement, a focal point of unity, a part of one’s very identity, something to live and die for.

For us, power, more likely than not, is associated with inept democratic governments, mega companies, and banks. We are not happy with this, but it suits our radical individualism. We will not bend the knee to anyone and will mock as pompous any hint of royal protocol or deference. We do as we like; we are our own little kings, and our own little environments are our kingdoms which we desperately try to control. This is not so much a criticism as it is merely a description of the climate and culture in which we all live; it is the very air that we breathe.

And so the question remains for us, what is in our minds and hearts when we ask our Father that His Kingdom come? Do we even know what we are asking? Do we have the ability to genuinely grasp the idea of kingship and kingdom as it pertains to us as we practically live out our day to day lives?